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Our Pricing

Choose the most suitable plan for your lifestyle. The Iron Press makes it plain and easy — no complicated blah blah blah!

Easy Life Plans Choose Your Most Suitable Plan

Here at Iron Press, we’ve created 3 Easy Life Packages to help you receive a service best suited to you. All of our packages include a specified monthly allowance which can be freely divided and used within that month. So you can split your loads to fit your lifestyle.

Easy Peasy £20

per month

5kg Monthly Allowance
Free Collection and Delivery
Easy Life Premium £40

per month

Monthly Access to:
20kg Monthly Allowance
Unused monthly Allowance Rolls Over to Following Month
Choice of Fragrance
Unpacking (as per client’s instruction)
Free Collection and Delivery
Easy Life Plus £30

per month

10kg Monthly Allowance
Choice of Fragrance
Free Collection and Delivery

ON - DEMAND try us out! no commitment needed!

Maybe you’re skeptical and would like to try us out first before making any commitment or maybe you just want a one-off ironing service and do not require it as often.


per kilo

Payment will be required when clothes are collected.

£3 Delivery and Collection Charge for Orders under 5kg
Choice of Fragrance + £2
Unpacking (as per your instruction) + £5